Friday, November 19, 2010

The End of a Cycle

 Many times in the last four years my heart has soared, many times my face has been washed by tears. We have danced and rejoiced. We have shared from our depths. We have sorrowed and we have healed. Sweet sweet women, maidens fresh and rich crones, all joined in the circle of life and cracking open in honesty to our inner knowing. Sisters all, graced by each others company, together, in one circle of ceremony and celebration.

Last night, in dream or in vision, I was surrounded by ancestors. They had come to celebrate, and brought many gifts. This dream is reflective of the Wisdom Circle. The common thread of blessings we have been gifted reaches back through ages and ages, connecting each of our hearts in a weaving of individual soul songs, a rainbow-hued tapestry of enduring strength and love.

In the circle, I have been surrounded and permeated by ancestors and sisters. I am lifted up to stand tall in the knowing of who I am, as are you. Solidly centered between the ever changing flexibility of creative Spirit and the grounded nurturing of Mother Earth, we are free to sing in full voice as we walk our singular paths upright and in abiding connection.

We have walked the circle of the year four times. We have come together with our differences in celebration of our commonality - our sisterhood. Many revere the Goddess, many are Christian, Buddhist, Atheist or none, still all of us bathed in the sea of sacred feminine, and accessed the divine in our shared humanity. So this cycle is complete, and the circle is never-ending, always changing.Tonight is the last meeting of the circle in the form that it has been.

On the third Saturday of December and in June, we will still celebrate Solstice (albeit early) in ceremony at Piccolo Pastures in Elk Grove, with men and children invited, and potluck. In March and September we will similarly celebrate the Equinoxes. Yet, tonight is the circle of women, meeting in the beautiful circular space at the Friends Meeting house. I am filled with love and anticipation for this joyous night of transition.

With deep respect,

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