Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Year of Transition

The one constant is change, and so it is with the Wisdom Circle as well. This year has been spiraling more and more until something had to give. Unfortunately, for me, one of the things that gave for awhile was this site, and some of the maintenance of information and practices as a group. We have continued meeting every month through it all however, and it seems this summer is a season of more clarity, many of us having begun the practice of de-cluttering our minds, our purses and our environment.

June marks the halfway point of the year. We will be celebrating the solstice once again in Elk Grove, at Picollo pastures. We will be celebrating the "marriage of heaven and earth," connecting this physical reality and our actions in it with our higher spiritual calling and understandings. As above, so below. We come together as a community to celebrate this union.

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