Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Moon, New Beginning

New beginning: last night, under the influence of the creative possibilitys of new moon, we held our first Wisdom Circle ceremony at Piccolo Pastures in Elk Grove. It is such a beautiful place, and the ecumenical garden where we gathered for ceremony is lovely.

Men and children were invited and we had a potluck. It was wonderful.

The energy of sincerity and openness was palpable as we delved into introspection, responsibility, shadow healing and truth, and celebrated the lavishly abundant bounty and harvest. Although four days before the actual equinox, we decided to combine our regular meeting with the Equinox - Mabon celebration.

It was perfect because it was aligned with the new moon. We blessed each other with "Plenty - More than enough."

Every month we meet, we complete the ceremony with a healing circle. The healing circle last night was especially powerful. Joyce, a grandmother of the West, did a prayer of healing. I woke up this morning free of a pain that I had been experiencing for many months. I give thanks for this answer to prayers, this grace.

Equinox is a time of balance. The times of day and night are equal. It is a very good time to invite men into our circle, encouraging balance and harmony and deep peace. I am grateful to every man woman and child that attended last evening. Gatherings like this, focused on these things, and especially at the time of the new moon, do much to energetically infuse this world with much needed balance and peace. Here we may celebrate another new beginning.

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