Monday, August 17, 2009

A Bit of Herstory

The first year of the Wisdom Circle went by in a flash. Our first evening Sonie and I expected maybe 20 of our students and friends. Instead, 75 women showed up. Besides saying, "Holy Cow!" we determined that there appeared to be a need, a longing, for experience in Women's Wisdom now. What "women's wisdom" means to each individual seems to be different - as unique as each woman with the longing. Our circle has been always organised around that premise.

It is our self-definition that we are here to encourage each woman to access her own "inner crone" - that place that knows within her heart, where we connect with divine. Women of many different faiths and spiritual paths have attended our circle. All are welcome. It is our idea that as we all share our strengths and wisdoms, each woman will be introduced to more tools that may serve her on her faith walk.

The first year of our circle's monthly focus structure was planned in about 10 minutes. I consulted my own medicine wheel of stones, and it was very apparent what we would be doing each month. Our second year the planning was more of a combining of both Sonya's and my understandings. This year, I used a drawing by Joy Fox to open me to inspiration and guidance.

The Grandmother's are women over the age of 50 who have stepped up to be of service to the circle, and are able to hold the energy of the direction which they occupy in the circle. The circle would not exist today without the selfless service of these women. They spend time every week helping to plan, gather materials, making donations in love and service. I will be ever grateful to them.

Tha Auntie's are women under the age of 50 (or over) who have stepped in to serve the circle in some way. We have promised, and I have been working on a training for the Auntie's and Grandmother's and anyone else that wishes to learn more about those things we do in and around circle.

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