Friday, February 6, 2009

Wisdom Circle Undergoing Big Changes

It appears to be the time for change. Everyone's going through it in one way or another, willing or not. My partner as co-founder of the Women's Wisdom Circle here in Sacramento, Sonya Snow, just withdrew from the leadership of the circle this month. We are just beginning our 3rd year of meeting once a month in sacred circle space to celebrate every woman, and experience leaning on the wise woman residing within each one of us.

I have a lot of sadness about her departure, yet I applaud Sonie's courage to walk the path that guidance has so clearly indicated to her, no matter how difficult. Ever since we began the circle, we have walked the "lesson" of the month. We didn't plan that. Obviously, Spirit did. The more we lean into guidance to show us the way, the more we are delivered into our challenges. It is glorious, and most times, truly, a challenge. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. I am grateful to Sonie for standing beside me as we helped birth this circle into existance these last couple of years.

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